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Indus Script: Deciphering the Harappan Language and Grammar

Author Name: Sandira Segaran | Format: Hardcover | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Indus Script cracked at last.

Phonetic Interpretation devised through Scientific Methodology.

Hardcover 700

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Sandira Segaran

Sandirassegarane Gurunathan and he has chosen Sandira Segaran as Nom-de- convenance, which appears as author's name in the Book.  Aged 78 years with date of birth, June 28, 1945 he has  a Post Graduate Degree M.Sc. in Mathematics. As for professional career, he was basically a Bureaucrat, who served in various capacities under the Government of Pondicherry for about 38 years, he longest stint being in the Chief Secretariat, Pondicherry. He retired in 2005 as Senior Accounts Officer from the Electricity Department. Since childhood itself, he has always been fascinated by scientific and other intellectual pursuits. 

Intellectual challenges always lured him into their fold and he never shied away without trying those challenges with an avid passion and devotion. He has spent several years of his lifetime trying to to find plausible solutions to some of the unsolved Mathematical conjectures, such as Fermat’s Last Theorem, Goldbach Conjecture, Twin Prime Conjecture etc. He has also spent some considerable time over Neutron Vs Hydrogen atom problem in Physics. After his exposure to computer and programming, he has developed some challenging projects mainly to satisfy his thirst for innovations in whatever field he is actively engaged. He has developed software for (1) Proforma Accounts of a Government Commercial Department, (2)  Step by Step Sudoku Solve, (3) Sudoku Solve, (3) GMAT training, (4) Stock Analyser, (5) Machine Translation between English and Tamil, (6) Word Game Spellathon Solver and above all (6) the Indus Script Analyzer meant for ANALYSIS of Indus signs and texts etc.



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