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Inside India

by Syed Shafaat

Format: Paperback

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There are three parts to this book.

The first part talks about how to revamp our nation to enhancement. This part has superbly revealed the concept of women and their rights. Moreover, it gives a brief account of love and unity to which the present civilization is unfamiliar of.

The second part has mainly stressed the concept of Kashmir civilization.

The third part is not merely for the Indians, but the whole world. This part has beautifully described the idea of humanity and the factors that disrupt humanism.

The book is a wholesome perspective of an optimistic world.

Syed Shafaat belongs to a hamlet named Keitch Khansahib, which is currently in the district of Budgam. He hails from Rajpora Pulwama where he was born on the 2nd of April, 1994. Besides being a student, he is also a junior researcher of comparative religions, on which he has written a book named Light of Sanatan Dharma. He also has a few more works yet to be published. Some of which are Fate of Kashmir, Theory of Super Creation, Book of phrases, and The emotional stories. He aspires to write scientific books for Indian students as well.

His philosophy in this book is quite divergent, exclusive and inimitable. The messages written in this book are all based on his own observations and surveillance. He was always disheartened, looking at the unscrupulous and abysmal conditions of the world and this eventually lead him to write this heartfelt book.



Inside India





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