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INSIDE OUTSIDE An Atheist by observing the Society

Author Name: Chandrama Majumdar Format: eBook | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Despite the fact that we are born with some 1.5 kg jelly to do amazing things on earth, we have let discrimination of all possible kinds take over to make endless chapters dedicated to misery and tragedy in the book of human history, simply forgetting that we are humans first and last and no further.

The current religious political turmoil in India and across all other nations steers us towards necessary and urgent retrospection. Technologically, man has evolved 200 years ahead of himself, but can we say the same in terms of our societal development?

According to Article 51 A (h) of The Constitution of India 1949, it is the duty of every citizen of India: to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform. The extremist activities that have spread everywhere today, is the culmination of a process dedicated to the sustenance of ignorance through the generations. Ergo, entire batches of populations rendered completely incapable of understanding that violence is not the answer.

The book is not only based on Atheism, Rationalism and Humanism, but eventually takes the reader through a journey of a colourful palette of experiences. It promises to gift every reader a plethora of information not from the mouths of Godmen and Godwomen, but from the domain of different subjects and their respective exponents, whose brilliance shall surely continue to sparkle for ages to come.


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Chandrama Majumdar

Chandrama Majumdar grew up in a traditional religious Hindu family where Pujas, ceremonies and ritual celebrations formed the central structure of life. She would feel an immense sense of pride in her traditions and describes herself as being a “keeper of culture”, until she found herself going through a process of losing her faith.

The author is a Post graduate in Economics from University of Calcutta. She has worked for a few years with a Delhi based NGO as a research associate before moving on to a Management Consultancy Firm in Mumbai. She also holds a B.Ed degree from University of Mumbai and taught Economics under the Cambridge Curriculum. Between the two phases of her career, she took a break of 8 years to raise her two sons. It was during this phase in her life that she started nurturing dreams of becoming a writer. During her career as an educator, she encountered people from a wide range of backgrounds with opposing world views. Observing such a varied range of diverse mentalities that ranged from one extreme end of the social and religious spectrum to the other at close quarters, gave rise to an urge within her to write. She became so passionate about the idea of writing down her feelings, observations and experiences, she didn’t think twice about leaving her career to concentrate on this chosen unconventional journey of writing.



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