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Inspiring Relationships A thematic expression

Author Name: Gagandeep Singh Bharara | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

This is a lifetime experience which I have tried to bridge into this thematic expression through poems and short stories.

Let me give you an insight into my world through this book.

A Journey Called Life… Life shows us varied shades of relationships. There are people in our lives who would knowingly or unknowingly guide us to our destined path. There may be times when negatives shadow the path of our journey. However, everything is time-bound. Good will overcome the evil bad at one point in time or maybe the other way around. But everything has its phase and importance in our life. In this book, I am covering only one facet of relationships and that is good. The positives will overpower the negatives, if we keep calm and composed and do not get embroiled into temporary solutions to our problems. You will find people who are going to touch the positives in relationships.

To build and fortify relationships with everything one comes across is what we must cherish and carry till eternity calls us to join a divine path.

Life as a journey must have a cause to live and not just live through...

If you love what you have and strive for what you don’t have with passion. You are sure to be happy if nothing more…

Look for positives and life will become beautiful…Ups and downs are a part of this journey called life….so try to live to the fullest….

Live from

Inside your heart


Elated for what you have…

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Gagandeep Singh Bharara

The author is a dreamer and an explorer. Being an Army officer, he has measured the vast expanse of the globe and that is what he tries to bring through his writings. He has been a poet all his life and with this book he is starting his journey as a storyteller. He believes that the world is One and that is what he has shown through this book.

Relationships as the epitome of life.

The author is an avid writer and has numerous professional articles in his name.



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