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Intimate Leadership Build Powerful, Profitable, Consumer-Products Brands, and Companies

Author Name: Jayaram Rajaram | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Intimate Leadership is a book for every corporate leader, startup founder, family-business owner or entrepreneur who wishes to build a long-term, profitable consumer-products business. The book is for those looking for simple yet timeless and powerful people-oriented solutions in an ever-changing world. Jayaram draws from his 21 years of experience managing and reinventing Bril-an iconic, Indian, heritage brand that so many of us have grown up using and loving. Bril has touched the lives of more than 480 million consumers since 1964. The book seamlessly moves from Jayaram’s personal leadership experiences and learnings of how he has kept Bril relevant to today’s consumers, to decoding leadership and branding secrets of legendary brands and nimble new-age startups. The book is easy to read and gives phenomenal insights on how to build world-class consumer-products brands that connect emotionally and stick for decades in the minds of consumers. Use this book if you wish to learn how to build a great, profitable, and enduring consumer-products company in a dynamic, fast-changing world.

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Jayaram Rajaram

Jayaram Rajaram is a third-generation entrepreneur who is the Managing Partner of Bril (, an Indian household stationery and consumer-products brand. Jayaram has over his 21-year stint with Bril, learnt the nuances of managing and growing a homegrown consumer products brand. Having been associated with and leading Bril for more than a third of its 60-year journey so far, Jayaram has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to manage and scale a profitable consumer-products business. Jayaram is an astute investor across asset-classes and has written a book titled ‘Just Invest and Become Insanely Wealthy’ on investing, to help people learn to invest in an unconventional, intuitive, and common-sensical way. He has researched several consumer-products companies and their marketing and leadership styles over the years and brings all that knowledge into this power-packed book titled ‘Intimate Leadership’.



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