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Invisible Pain The cry of nature!!!

by Praveena santa

Format: Paperback

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Nothing is so big in life but we made a big thing to be nothing. Even a single cell organ does its role without a glitch in their life. But we are still in muddle and substandard in all the events that we do. The reason behind this issue is because we have lost our lifetime by ill-treating our treasure and we are still penetrating for the unwanted pleasures. The care towards the hidden hassles is the portrait of the story. On the other hand it is a pain which is not yet visible for many of us. Many invisibles can result in Incredible. There is a determination for all of us and also we get a chance to bear out our purpose. To make you aware I say this is an awareness to save our bliss.

The name of the author is Praveena. She was born on 18th February 1997. She is a student who is yet to finish her under graduation in Economics and also works as an English Trainer in Tamil Nadu. She was brought up by her Grand Parents Micheal Aandavar and Mary. Her love towards the nature has made her to write her first book “Invisible Pain.” This book is written to bind all the minds and hearts of human towards the nature.



Invisible Pain





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