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It’s Destiny, My Love Romance, Surprise & Drama!!

Author Name: Saurabh Leekha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

May destiny be in your favour

The more you chase it, the further it slips away.

Aditya's tryst with fate and the unbeatable combination between destiny and desire reinvents and reshapes his life journey.

Family disappointments, a broken love affair and workplace challenges force him to rise to the occasion and transform himself from a subdued into a rebellious survivor.

Will he be able to rise to the occasion and deliver his best? Beat the same people who think he is a toddler at their own game? Will he realize his dream of acquiring a personal jetliner, a metaphor and a benchmark for pursuit of success?

Read this gripping & inspiring story of; love and break up, deceit and success, against all odds.


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Saurabh Leekha

Saurabh Leekha is an expert in enterprise sales consulting, who has eighteen years of diverse experience in both channel and direct sales. By contributing to the field of technology and telecom space, he has majorly excelled and precipitated success in the areas of sales strategy consulting, business planning, coaching and mentoring.

Saurabh's tryst with his career so far is not only note-worthy, but also exemplary. With a placid personality, he has been consistently good despite the undulating demands of his profession. His journey as a writer did not come as a surprise to many who knew him from his initial years. His passion for writing has resulted in his first ever fiction – It's Destiny, My Love. The simple tone of the book makes the enterprising protagonist, a hero, with whom the young generation can connect with; thereby, having a far-reaching effect on the psyche of the common man.

Saurabh currently advises enterprises on sales strategy development and implementation. He holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering and a master's degree in Business Administration. He lives in Delhi with his wife and sons.

Saurabh can be reached on his blog – http://saurabhleekha.blogspot.in/