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Jai Mata Di, My Book On Human Welfare

Author Name: Rajesh D Sanghvi | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Rajesh’s new book Jai Mata Di, achieves what the title claims in its dedication to Mataji, on Human Welfare. The author maintains clarity in thinking and devising solutions to many critical problems that plague our world today, from a totally new perspective! And they are practical to implement! One of his best chapters starts by exploring an Intriguing Question-Could Hitler have been like Jesus, if he knew how to be one? He answers the question, why do we suffer in life? and what is the Elixir of life? 

The book examines social problems, unemployment, and abject poverty in India, raising questions on how to establish peace in the world, like the Syrian war, the failures of our modern educational systems, He discusses about Health and Immunity from a Spiritual perspective, about environment that threatens our Mother earth today, and many other crucial issues vital to Humanity.

Rajesh presents his innovative solutions and ideas, his prime motive being to promote Human welfare, to reduce or end Human Suffering. Surely a matter for our society to introspect, and a must read for all, the book is filled with rich solutions to fundamental problems, presented in a simple fashion, to execute to solve. Indeed, a provocative read filled with practical solutions to implement!

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Rajesh D Sanghvi

Mr. Rajesh D Sanghvi is a respected businessman and a double Postgraduate from London, U.K. with major’s in marketing and finance. He has had a distinguished career record of over 25 years as Vice President in his reputed Company into Automobile distribution business, Automotive Manufacturers Private Limited. Website: ( He has won several national and international business excellence awards from the suppliers represented for the products marketed by his company. He lives with his wife, and two children. 

Yet early in his teens, Rajesh was deeply influenced by Swami Vivekananda and his teachings. Further he was also influenced by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha foundation, from where he learnt Isha teachings of YOGA and Dhayana. He became a Isha Foundation Volunteer, whilst continuing his Business. As a volunteer he helped complete the Saptha Rishi puja at the Isha Ashram at Coimbatore, Vellangiri Hills, for ADIYOGI, and also helped in organizing the Mahashivratri Celebrations, by Seva at the Ashram and Fund-raising activity. His Seva was acknowledged by Sadhguru himself, who blessed him with his Divine Love, in person and in a Hand written love letter for Rajesh. This is showcased in this book.

From his early years he is a Bhakt of Ambe Mataji, and has rendered Puja and Seva of Mataji, from his childhood, this has led him towards leading a Spiritual life, and his deep Bhakti for Mataji, is the source of his inspiration to write this book on Human Welfare!