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Jeevan Ke Ansuljhe Rahasya Ki Khoj The Unsolved Mystery

Author Name: Manish | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

The author has explained the esoteric mystery of yoga & meditation in the words of a layman, in the book "Jeevan ke ansuljhey rahashya ki khoj".

                                                                     - Sunita Eran, Senior Resident Editor, Hindustan times

The author has, very simply and spontaneously explained the esoteric mysteries of Ashtang Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali, through metaphorical tales, so that even a layman can understand it.

                                                                    -    Parmeshwar Singh , Senior writer and Social worker

Since Inception, there are three unsolved mysteries in front of mankind.

The very first mystery is, from where did the universe come? What will be the fate of universe? What's the CAUSE of origin of universe ‘THE  BRAHMAAND’, Is it because of big Bang?  Whether the universe, in fact ‘WE ALL’ will be destroyed by a big crunch! What’s the dark matter?  Even Einstein and Stephen Hawkins were not very clear on this question. This is the unsolved mystery number one. 

The second mysterious question is about the existence and evolution of creatures on the earth. None of the popular theories of Evolution have ever explained it completely.

THE THIRD and the most important mystery is of consciousness, so called ‘CHETNA’. What's this consciousness, which is the soul of all living creatures, without which, there is no life. Today, with the advancement in medical sciences, it is possible to transplant all the organs of the body, BUT NOT “THE CHETNA”.

So, the million dollar question is, whether it is possible to know about this Chetna and to find out the solution of ‘DEATH, the ultimate misery’?

I started my journey of enlightenment with these three questions.Won't discuss rebirth here.

Hailed from a traditional Hindu family, I had started practising rigorous karmkandas, study of Vedas, Upanishads, and other philosophies to find out the solution of above questions, since childhood. The ups and downs of worldly life forced me to follow Bhakti Marg. But as usual, there were more downs than ups. In early teenage, I witnessed the death of my grandfather, who was very close to my heart. ‘THE DEATH’, with whom I was fighting since childhood. This ‘KICK OF LIFE’ pushed me into a life of exile. For the next two years, I snapped all my attachments from the society. During these two years, I followed several arduous meditation techniques, even Hathyoga. Studied many religions, paths, beliefs & enlightened saints. With this deep Sadhana, I experienced many miracles but never ‘THE TRUTH’. Even after passage of 2 years in ‘Gahan Sadhana’, I was in total darkness, questions were unanswered even now, humiliated by the society due to continuous failures in worldly life.

 One fine day, I was sitting in a temple. All of a sudden, I felt an emptiness, lost my consciousness and filled with an unknown mysterious energy, & experienced ‘THE SACHIDDANANDA’. Suddenly all the questions were answered!

The ultimate quest was ultimately quenched.

 Came back to the worldly life and the ‘ACT’ started. 

As far as this book is concerned, it's an Uphill task to explain ‘the ULTIMATE truth’. It has been hidden since ages. Even the enlightened saints have tried to hide it, may be for the betterment of the society. But it's too much now. We need to unveil it. This is what I am trying to do. To unveil that secret, that mystery. It’s already written in all religions; just have to unveil it, with your help.


 I would like to explain that secret with simple examples (of mobile phones, your body, anything very close to you) in a series of 7 books. The very first one is in front of you and the seventh will disclose the everything......

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Manish, a Yogi, Mystic & Philosopher by nature and a Government officer by profession. He is an Indian railway service officer working with the Ministry of Railways. He organises workshops/seminars on yoga and meditation. He has also worked as a motivational speaker and meditation instructor. Author has experienced the ultimate truth, the‘SACHIDDANANDA’, through highly arduous meditational experiments. After self realisation, for almost fifteen years, he thoroughly studied and analysed texts of almost all the religions of the world, Indian and western philosophies and other contemporary enlightened thinkers. Based on the experiences of ‘Atma-Sakshatkar’, the author has unveiled the ultimate mystery of life, through metaphysical legends and symbols, in the perspective of present era.



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