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Journey of a Scene A Step By Step Guide to Performing a Scene

Author Name: Tanveer Ahmed | Format: Paperback | Genre : Music & Entertainment | Other Details

This book is for all those who are passionate about acting but could not join an acting school for various reasons. This book trains you in professional acting techniques and step-by-step processes to prepare for a scene. It teaches you how to get out of your fear of judgement and fear of performance, and strengthens your personality to stand in front of an audience with ease. This book helps you look within yourself, understand your emotions, become more self-aware, and learn to manage your emotions better.

You learn acting methods that you can practice alone at home, with friends, or with other co-actors. It slowly transforms you into a trained actor with the required knowledge of acting, and you no longer remain a beginner in acting. It prepares you to apply for acting auditions and paid acting jobs. Yes, you can start your professional acting career at any age. Hence, this book is for all ages. If you hear an inner voice whispering within you that you should be acting, you are made for acting. This book is the first step toward your journey in the field of acting. Let’s begin!

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Tanveer Ahmed

Tanveer is the founder of Dubai-based Creative Bites Academy, an academy with revolutionary training methods in the fields of acting, filmmaking, & public speaking. The unique training methods of Tanveer Ahmed compress the learning process of acting and enable beginners to act on screen in a shorter period. His courses have attracted aspiring actors from all over the world, with students from 40 different nationalities joining him as we speak. Many of his students are acting in feature films, OTT platforms, television series, and ads. He has been extensively covered in local and international media outlets for his unique training methods. New York Weekly has tagged him as ‘The man behind the rising wave of talent.’

Tanveer has an impressive portfolio of work, having produced, written, and directed numerous theatrical performances, radio programmes, social media & television commercials, short films, professional street plays, etc. He has received many accolades and awards for his work locally and internationally. 

Tanveer’s key goal is to empower those who are passionate about acting but do not have clear guidance or resources to start their journey. He advises his students to listen to their inner voice. If your inner voice is whispering within you to learn to act, irrespective of your current situation, just start moving in the direction guided by your inner self. Your inner voice is the voice of your soul. To learn more about Tanveer Ahmed & the courses conducted by him, visit