Journey with Mahatmaji

by Raj Sharma


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

This book is about a unique journey which a Bank note travels while it goes into different hands, one after another. Although the episodes are all imaginary, every attempt has been diligently taken by the writer that the reality never supersedes. With the portrait of Mahatma printed on its body, the note narrates what and under what circumstances are felt by it. It understands human emotions, sentiments. It realizes their need and their greed as well. It evaluates its presence and condemns its absence as well. It teaches as it travels and it learns lessons from its mistakes also. It motivates for the journey ahead and regrets for the leftovers. There might be so many hands the note would have travelled through, but just to confine its journey to limited episodes, the note reflects only certain steps of its journey.

The book was neither planned nor it could be. With a busy schedule, neither note had time to look back and think over what to imagine nor the author, because after all he also had to rush every day to earn any such note. In fact, we all have become so busy evaluating the presence of such notes and their accumulation for our future survival that the note now itself is trying to remind us of its value in our life.

About the Author

Although the book in your hand is a collection of narrated observations and imaginations of seen and unseen, felt and realized; as a writer I could never imagine that my small attempts to write will turn myself as a contender to be called as an author. And the authority to rank me as an author still vests in you, the reader. It is my first attempt to represent my mind through my writing.

The idea of writing a book came into my mind when I was buying some daily needs for my home from a local market. The exchange of a note from my hand to a vendor and its immediate transfer to some other palm was the unique moment that changed me to realize this unique idea. Perhaps writing books for me was easier than to write about myself as I cannot express why, how and under what circumstances I could bring my work to your hand. I would be thankful to all my readers who would let me know if they have come across any resemblance of my imagination with some real occurrence in their life.

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