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Kaleidoscope of A stroke Survivor

by Dr. George Jacob

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

When life is overshadowed by dark clouds of crisis, one can realize that ‘things could have been worse’, by being thankful for silver linings.


Dr. George Jacob is a surgeon in Lakeshore Hospital, in Cochin, Kerala, the tiny little state in the southern tip of India. His area of interest ‘was’ surgical gastroenterology. At 39, his surgical career was abruptly cut short by a major stroke, which weakened the left half of his body (hence the was in inverted commas above). The scalpel, which had by then become an integral part of his identity, was rendered redundant.  

Denied the avenue to express himself on the operating table, he took to writing. He discovered his talent in writing and his way with words (which mercifully survived the ravages of his stroke), which was unraveled through his contributions in the national daily, the New Indian Express. 

His first major publication was ‘Kaleidoscope of a Stroke Survivor,’ published through Notion Press, Chennai. ‘Desert Christmas – the Diary of a Stroke Survivor’ is his second major publication, as he moves on through the world of letters. He lives in Cochin with his wife Mallie, an anesthesiologist in the same hospital, daughters Anju and Aleena, and Elizabeth, his mother. He can be reached through earaly@hotmail.com and followed online on: writerbychanceblog.wordpress.com      




Kaleidoscope of A stroke Survivor





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