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Kidonomics: Stories for the Young Economist A Journey Through the World of Economics for Young Readers

Author Name: Dr. Vijay Varadi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

I created a collection of economics-themed short stories for children aged 5-15, designed to teach them key economic principles through engaging narratives. The book covers foundational concepts like supply and demand for younger kids, progressing to more complex topics like global economics for older readers. Each story ends with summaries, questions, and practical assignments, encouraging kids to apply these concepts in real life. This approach aims to instill in young readers essential skills like financial literacy, strategic thinking, and social responsibility, preparing them to be the informed entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow. This book is an ideal resource for parents, educators, and young readers eager to understand and navigate the world of economics.

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Dr. Vijay Varadi

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Dr. Vijay Varadi

Dr. Vijay Varadi, an economist with over 13 years of post-PhD experience, has made significant contributions to making economics accessible, especially to children and adults. His work includes insightful books and articles aimed at simplifying complex economic concepts. As a father, Dr. Varadi understands the importance of educating the younger generation about economics, covering topics like supply and demand, public services, and investment in a relatable manner. His writings are designed to prepare future leaders and entrepreneurs, equipping them with knowledge and the courage to improve society.

Dr. Varadi's mission is to demystify economic theories, making them digestible for both children and adults. His books serve as educational yet enjoyable introductions to economics, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical decision-making. His efforts are invaluable for parents and educators who wish to impart economic understanding in an engaging way, aiming to create a more informed and equitable society.