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Land of Thousand Islands Indonesia (Black and White Edition)

Author Name: Amitabha Gangopadhyay | Format: Paperback | Genre : Travel | Other Details

Indonesia is a vast island nation in South East Asia stretching over 5000 km from East to West. Rich with the cultural heritage of Borobudur and Prambanan temples, the country offers vibrant destinations like Bali and the remote wilderness of Borneo and Komodo island. My journey through the heartland of Indonesia took me to these fascinating places. The magnificent architecture of the temples awed me. I couldn’t help feeling an adrenaline rush when I faced the near-extinct Komodo dragons. I enjoyed the starry nights over the dense Borneo forest where the night birds steadily chirped ‘ti-ti-ti’ into the blanket of darkness. The sound of crickets from the distant bush and swamps transformed the nights into fantasy worlds. I sat on a boat over the Sekonyer river in the middle of the night and enjoyed the ‘sound of silence’ around me. I closed my eyes and the images of Indonesia that I grew up with in my bedtime stories were brought to life in the jungles of Borneo and in the rolling hills of Komodo and Rinca islands.  The book takes the reader through this journey. 

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Amitabha Gangopadhyay

Amitabha Gangopadhyay was born in Assam. After graduating in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University in India, he pursued higher education in Canada. He has lived in Canada for many years now and enjoys writing since he was a little boy.

Travelling and photography are his passions. His love for nature and the outdoors is everlasting. He often travels off the beaten path into rural areas and the wilderness. Travelling is not merely sightseeing to him, it is always a journey that gives him pleasure by blending with the common people. He shares their joys and sorrows, their love and friendship, and their traditions and sentiments with his readers.

Amitabha writes travel books that are available in India and international markets. He has also written several travel articles for the Times of India and has published travel blogs on In addition to globe-trotting, Amitabha enjoys paragliding, flying ultralite, zip-lining, etc. wherever he travels. His complete works and colourful life are illustrated with videos and photos on his website



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