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Land of Two Seas A Saga of Treachery and Courage in the Arabian Gulf

by Chandan Sen Gupta

Format: Paperback

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Fatima was among the first few to hear the explosions. The window panes shook with them.

"One, two, three…," she started to count but the explosions kept on coming. Soon, she gave up.

"What is it, Ismail? Is the sky falling on us?" she screamed, taking the weeping boy from his father's arms.

"I think the war has arrived," said her husband calmly.

Beyond the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain is a mystery. Most readers would have read about it because of its pearls and oil, but not much more. Having lived here for fifteen years, I have experienced the country, explored its momentous history, and known what had turned it into the epicenter of a conflict that would have rocked the tiny nation.

Those lessons and knowledge have led to the birth of my book, "Land of Two Seas." Although a work of fiction, it has been woven around facts. Facts, that in all likelihood, you have never read about.



Land of Two Seas





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