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Land of Two Seas A Saga of Treachery and Courage in the Arabian Gulf

by Chandan Sen Gupta

Format: Paperback

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Fatima was among the first few to hear the explosions. The window panes shook with them.

"One, two, three…," she started to count but the explosions kept on coming. Soon, she gave up.

"What is it, Ismail? Is the sky falling on us?" she screamed, taking the weeping boy from his father's arms.

"I think the war has arrived," said her husband calmly.

Chandan Sen Gupta was born in 1961 in Bhilai, the steel-producing township in the heart of India. He still cherishes his childhood in this cosmopolitan, industrial town, where he completed his schooling. After obtaining a degree in Civil Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, he embarked on a career in construction. In the course of his work, he travelled widely in India, South-East Asia, Africa, the Middle-East and Europe. Much of his writing revolves around places he has lived in and the people he has come across. His story on Bahrain, the Middle-East island-kingdom where he presently resides, won him the Best of Bahrain award in 2012. His first novel, Land of Two Seas, published on Amazon and Notion Press, was a thriller based in Bahrain. Unforeseen, also a thriller, is his second book.



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