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Last and Lost hope-Deepanki Saha

Author Name: Pankaj Dey( Sikander Singh) | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

This short story is based on real life incident of a boy wherein he had his last hope upon a girl who could help him out to fulfill his promises but his hope shattered.Even though the boy lost or forgot himself completely but when his parents told him about the girl he was clear that she could be a partner in fulfilling his promises.The boy was even ready to make any deal for the same with the girl as fulfilling promises became his main purpose of life.The boy was waiting for girl’s response but no response/reply came from her.This is true story based on real life incident of a boy based upon Dimapur,Guwahati,Mumbai and Delhi NCR regions.This incident is based on 2019-2020 year.  

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Pankaj Dey( Sikander Singh)

The author of this book, Pankaj Dey also known as"Sikander Singh", has written the book in memory of his his family,friends,enemies and teachers.

Pankaj Dey , son of Paritosh Dey and Shanta Dey ,was born on 13th April 1989 in North East India.He is a graduate from North East India and post graduate from Delhi .He started his career since 2013 as professional and dedicating his life to fulfil the dreams and hopes of his be loved ones whether friends or family members.