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Law of Crimes In Nutshell

by Dr. Vijay Oak

Format: Paperback

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Criminal law goes a long way in maintaining public peace and order. The proper understanding of criminal law is therefore absolutely necessary. My book explores the concepts of actus reus, mens rea and also provides an insight into offences against human body and property. It also provides an analytical exposition of different theories of punishment and general defences available to an accused against criminal liability. It also contains interesting case laws which gives practical orientation to the present work. The book is must for beginners in order to have conceptual clarity about Law of Crimes.

Dr. Vijay Oak is an Assistant Professor at Vidya Pratishthan's Vasantrao Pawar Law College, Baramati (Maharashtra). He graduated from ILS Law College, Pune and obtained Masters degree and Doctorate in Law from University of Pune. He is presently working on a funded research project titled 'A Critical Analysis of Right to Health and Patent Regime In India' and has various papers published in Law journals.

He teaches Law of Crimes, Intellectual Property Rights, Company Law, Interpretation of Statutes, Public International Law and Human Rights and Moot Court.



Law of Crimes In Nutshell





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