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Leave and Live

by Pravin Chunarkar

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

This book traces the journey of Dhiraj, a simple village boy who comes to the big city. This young lad with a heart of gold is bewildered at the pace of city life and struggles to adjust to his new environment and new friends. Love, friendship, the importance of studies, relationships and more is dealt with in this coming of age novel. Dhiraj has his ups and downs as he tries to fit in into this new, fascinating but sometimes scary urban landscape. His neighbour, Sanjay Uncle, a painter, plays an important role in Dhiraj’s evolution. Gazing at his neighbour’s paintings, Dhiraj learns how to interpret art as a manifestation of emotions and events...and that transforms his life. But, does he succeed in facing the challenges of urban living or does the big city engulf him? Read on to find out...



Leave and Live





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