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Legalese Decoded Tips and Strategies to Make Sense of Legal Concepts in the Business World

Author Name: Kalpana Muthireddi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Have you ever had to deal with legal documents or contracts and couldn’t get them off your hands soon enough?

Not sure if you can sign off on that investor agreement?

Maybe words like “GDPR compliance,” “outsourcing contracts,” or “re-negotiations” make you feel strangely queasy.

This book demystifies and puts into perspective those legal terms and obligations you encounter as a corporate executive or entrepreneur and decisions that could have potential legal consequences. If you are a young lawyer new to the corporate world, this book will help you make sense of the business aspects of your job.

If you have ever been in a business meeting, wishing for more clarity on those legal terms, but hesitated to ask for fear of being misunderstood; or if the very idea of discussing legal concepts bores you to tears, then this book is for you.  

It is a handbook filled with tips to handle issues that do not require profound legal erudition, but a well-thought-out action that could prevent legal issues. It will help you recognize potential red flags, prevent easily avoidable mistakes, and realize when you are out of depth.

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Kalpana Muthireddi

Kalpana Muthireddi is a business lawyer licensed to practice in India and the USA. She is an international technology, commercial and outsourcing transactions attorney with prior litigation experience having practiced in the high court of Karnataka.

She has handled transactions across several domains ranging from IT to biotechnology, including aerospace, cloud computing, and stem cell-based therapies in her work as an in-house counsel. She has advised, pre-sales, business, delivery and other technical teams on legal matters and has also provided training on key issues to both legal and non-legal teams. 

The material in this book is based on her experience as a lawyer and corporate in-house counsel. She currently provides legal advice and support to start-ups and small & medium businesses.