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Less Known Heroes of Bible My Fasting Journal

Author Name: Alice Jimmy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Discover the untold stories of lesser-known personalities from the Bible in this captivating book. Journey through the scriptures to uncover the lives of individuals who played significant roles but are often overshadowed. From faithful companions to unexpected heroes, delve into the lives of these unsung figures and gain a deeper understanding of their impact on biblical narratives. Rich with historical context and spiritual insight, this book sheds light on the forgotten characters who contributed to the timeless tapestry of the Bible.

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Alice Jimmy

Alice Jimmy is a devoted follower of Christ, serving as the Senior Pastor of PFC Church in Rourkela, Odisha. With a passion for teaching and exploring the Bible since her youth, Alice has dedicated her life to sharing the wisdom and truth found within its pages. As a mother of three children and the wife of a pastor, she brings a unique perspective to her ministry, drawing from her experiences of balancing family life with the demands of serving in the church.

In September 2023, during a period of fasting, Alice experienced a profound revelation from God regarding lesser-known personalities in the Bible. This divine encounter sparked her journey of discovery, leading her to delve deeper into scripture and uncover the stories of these overlooked individuals. Inspired by this revelation, Alice felt compelled to share her findings with others, resulting in the creation of her book.

Through her writing, Alice seeks to illuminate the lives of these forgotten figures, shedding light on their significance and the lessons they offer for contemporary believers. With a heart for ministry and a gift for storytelling, she brings these ancient characters to life, inviting readers to journey alongside them and glean insights that resonate with their own faith journeys.

Alice Jimmy's commitment to her faith and her dedication to sharing the teachings of the Bible make her a respected leader within her community and beyond. Her book stands as a testament to her passion for God's word and her desire to empower others to deepen their understanding of scripture.