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Let’s Play Blind See with the mind, just play blind

Author Name: Vijay Shankar Sharma | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Palak is a beautiful young woman and Netra is a good-looking crime novelist.

Their worlds collide, quite literally, when they meet one fateful day.

Palak lives the life of a blind woman, purposefully cutting herself off from the outside world, her only outlet is her job at a call center. Traumatized by past events, she has worked hard cope with her life of, but fate has other plans.

Netra has made mistakes, but he’s trying to make up for them. When he meets Palak, he finds it difficult to trust her. What secrets is she hiding? He has no idea that she will change his life forever, in unimaginable ways.

As they work together to try to figure out a brutal crime, they meet an equally brutal police inspector, Chappan Singh, who will do anything to keep his own secrets hidden. His position of power took a lot of sacrifices to obtain, none of them his own. Will he view Palak and Netra as a threat? Will he try to silence them to keep his secret?

While they adapt to their newly entwined lives, Palak and Netra must find a way to protect themselves many things that can go wrong. Can they turn their weakness into strength for their their salvation? Could something so awful, ever be used for good? With time running out, they will find out.

Looks can be deceiving in this intense page turner, with many mind-boggling twists to keep you entertained and leave you wanting more!

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Vijay Shankar Sharma

The author, Vijay Shankar Sharma also plays the lead character of Netra in the Hindi movie based on this English novel. Vijay has recently published his unique theory of love in his book called “What is Love? - Formula for all Relationships”

The readers will find the idea of a normal girl faking blindness intriguing. As you read more, the mystery will only deepen….right until the end



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