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Life Version 2 God gives us endless opportunities to script our Life Version Two! Go, grab one

by Suhas Inamdar

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Do millions of blurry notions about the ever-mystic subject of astrology intrigue you? Do you want to steer clear of all ambiguity that surrounds the mysterious phenomenon of life and death?

Welcome to Life Version 2, a book that will surely unravel some of life’s biggest and the most intriguing questions.

God gives us endless opportunities to script our Life Version 2!

Go, grab one……

Abhijeet, 60, is a successful entrepreneur who leads a contented life. Cricket, music and astrology are his deep obsessions. His life is running smooth until an appalling prediction is made that he is going to die within the next six months! This turns his life upside down. He prepares to die and exhibits unprecedented boldness by trying to complete all his pending tasks before he departs from this world.

In a strange twist of fate, he does not die as predicted. When he goes in search of the person responsible for making the spectacularly wrong prediction, he unearths a sinister plot. Who is behind this intriguing conspiracy? How does he look at life after his close brush with death? Can he ever live the same life again? Step aboard Life Version 2 and get set to experience the unknown, the very essence of life!


Suhas Inamdar has authored five books including this. He strongly believes that values shape the character of a person and thus accords great importance to values. He voices his values through his writing, which inspires people to be good and to do good. Through this book he hopes to bridge the generational differences that exist in the world today and create a path that will lead one and all to happiness!



Life Version 2





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