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Light In The Forest A Dharmic Landscape for Hindu Kids & their Parents

Author Name: Maragatham | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details
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Christians believe in the Bible. Muslims believe in the Quran. Liberals believe in Liberty. Communists believe in Equality. Waht do Hindus believe in?

The answer to that question is "Dharma". Hindus believe in Dharma. But the answer to a further question "What is Dharma?" is not so simple.

Hinduism does not provide easy answers to Life's questions like many other cults and 'isms' that exist in the world today do. We embrace the entirety of this Gods given complexity and try to arrive at a fuzzy understanding of what it means to act in this world with integrity.

This complexity may appear daunting or even a waste of time to modern people who are used to quick fix solutions and high speed information exchange. But our failure to deal with complexity leads straight to all the problems that face the modern world today. This book tries to answer that second question for Hindu children (and their parents), not with a set of commandments but by using words and stories to draw a landscape that hopefully, feels like home.

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I am not an expert. I am not a scholar. I did not have a traditional upbringing. For accuracy of interpretation of our shaastras, there are many who are more qualified than me. I am just a guy who, like many today, has journeyed through the pain of separation from his culture, and has in acute blindness, lived a substantial portion of his life aspiring for a world built on the values of Western Liberalism. By the grace of our Gods, I have been led through a series of seemingly conscious and unusual life experiences back to the paths of our ancestors. The thoughts and interpretations expressed in this book may be of use to others who find themselves in similar situations that I once found myself. 

Not having anything of real worth to say or pass on to your children is the worst possible thing. It is a curse that many in our cities are suffering from, some consciously and some unconsciously. I hope this little book, and its sister book for Hindu parents entitled "Its Not For Nothing That We Stand For Something", help start conversations of substance in Hindu families struggling with Western Modernity wherever they may be in the world, but especially here in this blessed land of Bharathvarsha.

Author writes at https://www.indiafacts.org.in/author/maragatham/
Author tweets @bhoomiputraa



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