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Lion of Hearts

by ​Ram Adibhatla

Format: Paperback

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Avinash Bhardwaj, 26, is passionate about lions. A post-doctoral fellow at the University of Davis, California. Avinash is mentored by a world-famous expert, and is loved by an extraordinary woman.

Life, though, has surprises – cruel surprises. Suddenly, on a beautiful day, Avinash loses all his scholarships, and is forced to return to his native country, India. Armed with a specialization that is now worthless, separated from the only woman he loves, stranger in his own home and birthplace, Avinash must now fulfill his mentor’s prophetic words.

He must become the Lion of Hearts.

Ram Adibhatla is a test-prep veteran and a native of Vizag. He loves reading, teaching and spending time with his family and students. This is his first book.



Lion of Hearts





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