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Listen to My Heartbeat

by Prajna G S

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Aryan is the youngest son of a billionaire, a perfect blend of stunning looks, a sharp brain and immense wealth. He draws the attention of everyone in his college despite his cold and arrogant temperament.

Trisha is a hard-working girl from a far humbler background and her entire world revolves around her mother.

When the two meet, a new story develops. One of an inescapable attraction, one of love acknowledged and denied, one that sets your heartbeat racing…Listen to My Heartbeat.


Prajna G S was born in Delhi but spent most of her years in Karnataka. She completed her BE in Electronics and Communications. She was pursuing a job in the same field, in Bangalore, before she quit and plunged into the world of writing.

Her favourite occupation is to read a novel with a cup of coffee at hand while the mesmerising sound of raindrops forms a soothing background on her windowsill. She loves star gazing and immerses herself in creating stories for her books. She is fascinated by ancient civilizations, which never fail to leave her in awe.


Prajna is a creative thinker and her first book, Listen to my Heartbeat, is an apt reflection of this fact.  



Listen to My Heartbeat





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