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Living Heaven Here on Earth Finding the Divinity Within You

by Robert Kharshiing

Format: Paperback

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“A Unique Read… A must have spiritual classic for every home”

It is wonderful to savour the Sacred Texts of great religions, learn about Nirvana, Self-Realisation and the Kingdom of God. Be healed. Be protected. Be blessed. Discover lasting Peace and Happiness in your life in the pages of this book.

“Find powerful ancient healing prayers”

Robert Kharshiing is a former Member of Parliament from India. Having earlier uncovered his Real Self, he has now withdrawn from public life and spends his time in meditation, silence and stillness. In this book, Robert shares his experiences and draws from the teachings of great Masters, Teachers and Prophets who have graced history. Robert lives in Shillong, at the foothills of the Himalayas.



Living Heaven Here on Earth





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