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Love & Justice

Author Name: Pathan Fatima | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Is justice in fact love in disguise? If so, is justice working against anything that stands against love?
Well….. I believe that when all is probed and deeply dissected and the layers stripped away, everything only comes down to love and fear. Both of these are firmly installed in our psyches almost at birthpoint.

I think that many of the problems of the world derive from the balance of that installation and how it plays out in individual lifetimes that spread throughout culture - joyously, disastrously and everything in between. Actually, it would be helpful if it were only in individual lifetimes, but the reality is that the loving or fearful installation gets passed on for generations. The wounded descendants of Attila the Hun still stalk the earth. Maybe they’re stock traders. Perhaps they’re presidents of countries.

So, back to your thoughtful question. Love cannot exist without justice. It is always a component of love, cohabiting, but I do not believe it is the same as love.

Working against? If you believe that justice is always, by definition, an active force, then your answer is yes. But if justice can be passive also - as I think it is in civil disobedience - then it might be more accurate to say that when we find justice, we will always find it standing with love, and we will always find it standing against fear.

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Pathan Fatima

Pathan Fatima is a 17 year old, hailing from Mumbai. Also she is a  co-author in many famous anthologies. In one word she is all  rounder interested in every curriculum activities . Currently  pursuing Syjc science from Mumbai Kandivali west Shri Tikamadas Purshotam Bhatia college of science also aims to be a future pilot. She started her journey as a writer long back ago, most of her poems will inspire you to bring the best in you. Though the write ups are small, the meaning will be deeper and  penned direct from my heart . She is a kind of a person who will  become your friend and bring a smile on your face also she will  help you whenever you will in need.