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Author Name: SONIYA VARGHESE | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

In the enchanting novel "Lovebound Pages," join Aryan and Riya on an unforgettable journey through the tender corridors of love and literature. As their connection blossoms within the hallowed walls of a quaint library, their story becomes a timeless tapestry of shared laughter, whispered confessions, and the magnetic pull of genuine companionship. Navigating the complexities of relationships, the duo discovers that love, like the turning pages of a cherished book, is an ever-unfolding adventure. Will their love story withstand the tests of time, or will it become another poignant chapter in the grand novel of life? "Lovebound Pages" invites readers into a world where emotions are penned in every glance, and the sanctuary of the heart is found within the embrace of a well-written story.

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"Soniya Varghese, a prolific writer in the realm of romance, has left an indelible mark on the literary world, with her work featured in over 150 anthologies. She has skillfully curated nine anthologies and penned five enchanting books, spanning romantic short stories, sensuous novels, heart-stirring poems, and profound quotes. Her words inspire passion and love, solidifying her as a shining star in the romance genre. Soniya is also currently pursuing Global Business Management at London's Roehampton University, enhancing her repertoire with academic projects."