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Low Hanging Fruit In the Garden of Life

Author Name: JOJEN JOSE | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure within the pages of this book, a journey that promises to unlock the hidden treasures of joy and self-discovery!

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Jojen Jose is an avid life explorer, educator, and ardent music admirer, hailing from the picturesque region of central India. From a young age, his inner self resonated with the enchanting melodies of music, igniting a lifelong passion that continues to shape his journey.

In 1995, the quest for meaning and fulfillment set him on a transformative path of life exploration. With a thirst for knowledge, his studies in Physics also led him to explore the profound aspects of the universe., and later ventured into the realm of human resource management, understanding the intricacies of human behavior and relationships.

However, his true calling emerged when he ventured into the world of life coaching. In 2016, he earned his certification as a life coach, marking the beginning of a profound chapter in his life. Since then, he has been dedicated to connecting with people on a personal level, guiding them through life's challenges, and empowering them to pursue happiness and self-fulfillment.

Through captivating training sessions and heartfelt personal conversations, he has touched the hearts of countless individuals. His empathetic approach and genuine desire to make a difference have earned him a special place in the lives of those he encounters.

Driven by his innate curiosity and compassion, he is now on a new venture - writing a book on happiness. Drawing from his diverse experiences and insights gained from helping others,  he aspires to unravel the secrets to living a joyful and meaningful life. His book promises to be a beacon of hope for those seeking to discover their own path to happiness and contentment.