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Magnetic Marketing Learn Tired & Trusted Marketing Methods For Momentous Growth

Author Name: Dr. Soobrata Dutta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Direct selling and marketing are so intricately related that it is almost impossible to separate one from the other. Marketing is one of the foundation stones of the entire direct selling and network marketing industry. From the discovery of a product to its engagement with the customers, marketing plays a crucial role at every stage of the process.

But there are so many means and methods of marketing; which one suits our industry the best? What kind of marketing should I use to expand my reach and improve my conversions? How can I create a balanced marketing strategy that yields sustainable and tangible results?

The answers to all these questions and many other important aspects of marketing are highlighted in this book. I have discussed the two fundamental marketing strategies—the Push and Pull marketing strategies. They form the basis of all successful marketing endeavours.

However, generating and sustaining demand, relevance, reputation, competitiveness, etc., using these marketing methods could be challenging for novice marketers. Therefore, you need the proper knowledge and expertise, which is why this book “Magnetic Marketing” comes in.

This book is the marketing Bible for passionate individuals who desire to advance in their field, build an impeccable career and create a brighter future.

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Dr. Soobrata Dutta

Mr. Soobrata Dutta is a professional network marketer, outstanding public speaker, encouraging and guiding people to enhance and transform their lives, career and business. He has been working as a network marketer for more than 18 years and is one of the leading network marketers in India. He has mastered the art of self-development, business development, strategic growth and goal-setting.

Mr. Dutta has helped thousands of people transform their ideas and dreams into reality. His knowledgeable insight and strategic genius help his people execute, sustain and grow a successful business, transform their business, develop a huge and effective business and achieve all their professional goals. Mr. Dutta’s prowess as an experienced network marketer gives him an edge over other coaches. He provides practical and functional management strategies that guarantee your business’s prosperity and the expansion of your network.

Mr. Dutta has a simple philosophy; he believes that everyone can be successful, and there is no exception but only one condition. The only condition is that you should have a desire and you must take action. He has set you on a journey to help you realize your dreams and build the career you love. He aims to provide authentic and customized business and marketing solutions to everyone.



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