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Mahabharata Retold Part-2

Author Name: Himanshu Agarwal | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Man is a social animal; no man can live in isolation. We are surrounded by people. We have family, friends, social acquaintances, work acquaintances and so on. Since the time of our birth, we add names, relationships and people in our social calendars. They become an integral part of our lives as we interact with them on a daily basis.

If a person does not acquire knowledge or does not put their common sense to use, continues to live an ignorant life or chooses to remain blind, it is the worst kind of life. It is a life of misery and ill luck.

In Mahabharata Retold Part-1, we saw the reasons behind the war.

Mahabharata Retold Part-2 marks the best and worst times of one’s life and the time after such a period. Life never ends. We gain and lose in the same life. Our decisions are right at one stage of life and the same decisions stand wrong on another. Life is a series of changes that are unpredictable by the human mind.

It not only covers the greatest war of mankind but also tells us what happened after it—how war changes the world around us. Mahabharata’s war was not the only purpose of this Veda’s compilation.

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Himanshu Agarwal

The author, Mr. Himanshu Agarwal, was born in the 1980s. He describes himself as a rationalist with a whole new perspective behind writing this book. He always wondered why his elders, after getting a lifetime of experience, education and wealth, finally became believers of the holy books and ancient rituals. This sparked in him a desire to study the holy books. After reading these books, the author found that these held vast knowledge which is beyond modern science. But at the same time, the author also realized that the truths of these ancient texts were getting diminished over time. Vital facts were missing. The Mahabharata is the history of mankind; a truth that flows with interesting facts, tales of valor and a description of life as it was lived in that era. The author weaves together the facts and reality, with innumerable tales.



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