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Author Name: Tirupur S. GopalaKrishnan (GK) | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Recognizing the contributions of others, I got the fortunate chance to translate the beautiful novel, Manthi, into English, which was a lovely experience. I was awestruck the whole time I was reading them. If there were nine planets in the astrological chart, we would have heard a lot more. This is all owing to one of Manthi's sub-planets, which I discovered thanks to an alternate approach taught by my astrological instructor. Salutations to my astrological father, who instilled in me the ability to think in this manner. Several real concepts are revealed in each of his works, not just in terms of astrology but also in terms of science, and this Manthi book is no exception. My mind was blown by how you employed science as if it were the greatest method to approach every situation. So far, more than 72 volumes have been authored by our revered Tirupur GK, who is creating history by achieving a milestone in the history of astrology. So far, he has more than 42,000 pupils studied astrology under his guidance. He has devoted more than three-quarters of his life to the study of astrology and other related subjects. Not just students from Tamil Nadu, but also students from other states. It's not only about Indian pupils. Our Tamil Nadu is proud of the fact that foreigners came to him to study astrology with him as well. I have no doubt that any book he produces will serve as a model for others in the area of astrology for many years to come. His writing style is quite exquisite, and he provides a straightforward practical explanation of the principles for using the sub-planets of Manthi, the horoscope, and Prasanam. I was astounded by his astrological knowledge, which I found to be extraordinary in the wide realm of astrology. 

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Tirupur S. GopalaKrishnan (GK)

S. GopalaKrishnan (GK) is an exponent in all forms of astrology. Not only that. He authors books on various topics and techniques of astrology. He shares openly the nuances of his astrological expertise and experience for the benefit of his readers whom he might not have even met. His lucid narrations coupled with simple and crafty rules and procedures guide and enlighten the reader. They teach the beginner and sharpen the experienced. GK, as he is affectionately called, conducts regular classes on

different disciplines of astrology and holds annual astrological seminars.

He has prepared the astrological software for both the system and for the mobile phone users. They are simple and self-explanatory and easy to operate. He has penned books on the Chandra Naadi, Medical astrology,Jamakol Prasannan, Predictive techniques of Transit planets and Degree wise proximity of planets in English and about 48 books in Tamil. His books decode the unknown of astrological secrets and also offer new insights to the already known facts. This makes the predictions easier, simpler and accurate. It will not be an exaggeration if one says that GK is a one-stop solution for all astrological knowledge and needs and a milestone in astrological writings. In a nutshell, he practices and preaches astrology.




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