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Maranathai Vendravar Secret's of Jesus and 666

by P.A. Rajan

Format: Paperback

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It is the god’s wish that everyone should know our success.

This book gives a vivid picture of the secrets about who we really are and who the Almighty is. It also has proofs to show that the Lord Jesus Christ is an immortal.

Additionally, interesting notes on Tamil language, the Bible's verses, secrets of the Pyramids and other rational thoughts have been included in a special section.

Things that you have never heard so far have also been included in this book.

P A Rajan belongs to Nagercoil of Kanyakumari District. He finished his schooling in Nagercoil and college in Coimbatore. After that he started his professional career in a private bank and now he is doing business.



Maranathai Vendravar





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