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Matsyagandha A Story Of A Princess, The Rise Of A Queen

Author Name: Pooja Gupta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Long before the Rig Vedic period, many exotic and mystical tribes lived together. The royals of the Matsya clan, who once ruled over all, were now struggling to keep the unity between their Garuda, Yakshin, Naaga and Kimpurusha brothers. All the more, Matsyagandha, the Matsya Princess defies a sacred but a sexist custom to pursue to be the first queen out of wedlock. As a result, she is challenged to prove her merit in each of these kingdoms to seek their approval.

Will this little mermaid be able to rise to become a queen without a man by her side?

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Pooja Gupta

What will people remember you, if at all they do, once you are long gone?

‘Matsyagandha’ literally means ‘smell of fish’. No matter how strange the name might be, it makes one instantly connect it with the sea. That is the power of identity. The feeling of belonging to find oneself in the larger scheme of things long after one is gone resonates within all of us, doesn’t it? Matsyagandha, like many of us, dealt with the identity crises, and to seek purpose in life. Every person faces this at different stages of their lives, but only a few muster the courage to do something about it. They face challenges and make choices – after all, you are not determined by your past but by the choices you make – which bridges the gap between the people they are born to be, from the people they aspire to become. Matsyagandha is a five-part saga of extraordinary, exotic looking people with strong willpower, who managed to mark their identities, achieved their purpose and left behind a legacy to be remembered by us even today, in the perishable world of the oblivious mind.



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