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Maya Seven Wonders of Life

by Sidhartha Satpathy

Format: Paperback

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Maya .. the seven wonders is about seven stories and seven super stories of the inner struggles that each of the characters have gone through.

Rohan has been successful in creating an identity for himself but struggles to bring peace in his relationship with his dad.

Mahavira has been uprooted from his well-established life along with his pregnant wife and old mother. He is struggling to come to terms with the loss and the happiness of what is to come.

Das loves Maya, but the expectations are a mismatch. While Das tries to take charge of his relationship status, Sanjay cross examines him.

Jagan is a successful business man and still struggling to get a closure over his past love. As he sits at a coffee café, he explores his past with his past love.

Mad about Mehara’s habits, Iyer is running around his apartment to find a solution.

Ele became the queen of her tribe, but she lost it eventually trying to keep the group together.

All of them are around their struggles with control over relations, present state and what the future could hold. They all seemed to have been caught up in their own created world of Maya. Will they be able to find peace? The solutions are what remain to be seen.

Sidhartha Satpathy (Sid) is a management graduate and a Human Resource professional. With roots in Odisha, he has stayed in Chennai for close to two decades. He truly believes that the country is more mysterious and welcoming than anyone can imagine. His fascination for travelling has led him to explore and meet new people. He sees that people may speak different languages, but are connected through their heart.

During these travels, Sid heard many stories of life’s struggle and joy. In all, there is Maya or illusions that seem to get created. There is also a sense of hope in their struggles that keep them going on and on in their lives. It is this beautiful hope and the drama of Maya that inspired Sid to pen down the stories weaved with a bit of his imagination.








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