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Me and the Mother Lalitha Sahasranamam with content meaning in English

by Venkataraman Rajagopalan

Format: Paperback

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Lalitha Sahasranamam consists of very powerful hymns in praise of the Goddess and regular chanting of these hymns brings prosperity and happiness in life. When chanted with meaning understood, it gives inner peace, clarity of thoughts and improves performance at work. In Me and the Mother, the inner meaning of each verse, which can be correlated to the person who chants with an involved mind, is provided in English and it is not the superficial meaning of the word. That way, the book is unique in leading you to a new level of satisfaction in life. Familiarity with Sanskrit is not essential to grasp the contents of this book.

Venkataraman was born in Chennai in 1942, in a highly traditional family devoted to the pursuit of vedic knowledge, and is well versed in Sanskrit. A postgraduate in Instrument Technology from MIT, Chennai, he served in a British firm and in 1982 started his own instrument manufacture and system design. He was a visiting professor at MIT, Chennai.

Blessed by great gurus, he got initiated into Shrividhya upaasana thirty years ago and had the benefit of receiving knowledge on puja activities from his father, Vazhuthur Rajagopala Sarma. Since then he has been giving lectures on how to practice philosophy in day-to-day life. He writes poems in Tamil and Sanskrit, and articles in English. He has written several dramas in Tamil. He addresses congregations during festivals and religious occasions in temples, and other places of religious significance. He also guides people on the subject of Navaavarana Puja.



Me and the Mother





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