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Author Name: MAHIN B S | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

This book provides a birds-eye view of the cosmic world of the stock market. Nowadays people are eagerly searching for better ways of earning, and we all know the stock market is one of them. Normally, people are mostly scared of the so-called pitfalls and have fears such as "What's happening in the stock market?" or "What am I actually supposed to do in a stock market?"

Reading this book takes away all your fears and you can gradually familiarize yourself with the stock market. It provides a clear idea of how normal people should trade in the stock market and earn money sustainably.

This book is a beginners’ guide and it deals with the basic knowledge and ideas one should have when entering the stock market and highlights the dangers you may face.


Follow these simple steps and earn money with no pressure!

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Mahin BS, co-founder and CEO of Venteskraft India LLP, started his career as a Financial Trainer. In 2017, he co-founded his firm with Rahul Rajeev and their number of clients has surged up to 40,000+ in 12 different countries in such a short span. The company focuses on beginners who want to start earning an extra income from the stock market by offering them a membership and guiding them all along.

After finishing his 12th grade, tragedy struck and his family ended up in a financial crisis. He was literally forced to find a source of income as a student, and that is when he was opened to the doors of the stock market. Initially, when making no money from the stock market, he was able to find what was necessary for a good trader and was always was keen on learning rather than gambling. Post that, he started teaching others who had a financial crisis and thus understood that he could make a career out of it. Securing a B.Tech in Aerospace, he chose a different path… the path less taken.

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