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Metamorphosis En route this journey called life

Author Name: Raksha Gupta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

When life gives you lemons… but… what if you want sangria? 

Should you settle for the lemonade? Or should you dare to want more from life?

When life bestowed me with childhood trauma, did it take away my authority to dream big?

He penetrated inside and wounded my soul, but something deep inside refrained me from dying. I could have either become a victim or a survivor. I decided to embark upon my solo journey as a survivor. This journey from a wounded naive little girl to a woman who shattered all the barriers to making way for her wings is my personal rendition of Metamorphosis.

However, in this journey, my dark past never ceased to haunt me. Life endeavours took me to many places, within and outside my home country. Many people crossed paths in this journey, and some stayed as memory while some as lessons. But my childhood stayed like a souvenir of how strong and vulnerable I could be. In life’s ups and downs, love found and lost, while absconding from one place to another, I found purpose, I made my dreams come true, I found a home. I turned the dark past into the dawn of my life. But, I am conscious of the fact that nothing lasts forever – be it good or evil – the journey continues!
Let me take you on a ride en route this journey called life…

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Raksha Gupta

A Public Health Professional by the weekdays, a Homebody by the weekend, Dr. Raksha Gupta is a Physician and a proud alumna of the esteemed Johns Hopkins University, USA. Besides being passionate about writing and travelling, she also has a keen interest in mental health, global health and maternal-child health. 

While her childhood was spent travelling from Gwalior to North-East India and finally to New Delhi, work and education took her to places within and outside her home country. From her home city in New Delhi to the Charm City, Baltimore, from the east coast USA to the west coast of Mumbai, her life endeavours took her places. She is currently living in the Pink City. Apart from being a tea connoisseur, improv cook and a mountain lover, she is an ardent admirer of country music and is fond of road trips.

She started writing since she was 12, but in a moment of an epiphany, she discovered her innate ability to express more eloquently with words. What started as a childhood dream has now transformed into her first book, Metamorphosis – En route This Journey Called Life. Through this book, she wishes to touch the hearts of all the little girls and women who face the barriers set by this world and shatter those with elan.