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Mindful Stories Essence of Mind’s Thirst, Grief and Life-lihood

Author Name: VRUSHALI DATE, MALAYA ROUT, JYOTHSNA SRAVANTHI | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Mindful Stories takes us through emotions and stories of the mind. Each one of us has a wonderful experience right now. We take the liberty to say that, because we know we are blessed with abundance—two eyes to read, a mind to reflect, and our emotions to relate. If we are able to reach you in the tiniest possible way with the stories, we would thank the almighty for enabling us to do so. Human beings are strange creatures. They live in NOW and drive into the FUTURE with a truckload of the PAST. Definitely, this creates a great substance for stories. So, sit back and enjoy the stories. Who knows, the essence of mind’s thirst, grief, and life-lihood might have one of your own stories to reflect.


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Vrushali Date

Vrushali is a senior consultant at a leading organization with a rich experience in life. She is also a blogger who likes to echo everyday thoughts and feelings into words to get a perspective objectively. Having accepted the rains and the rainbows together, she secretly believes in the Unicorns and the magic that unfolds every day when one believes in the fundamental of “Everything that happens, happens for good.” She adherently practices gratitude and highly believes in the law of attraction and power of affirmations and manifestation. I Am what I AM.

Malaya Rout

Malaya Rout works as a senior consultant in data science with Verizon India in Chennai. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta. He has worked with TCS and LatentView Analytics in the earlier part of his career. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge and insights on various topics of data science with colleagues and budding data scientists. He is a wonderful, light-hearted, patient trainer of analytics. He enjoys writing short stories.

Jyothsna Sravanthi

Jyothsna Sravanthi is curious and zealous to appreciate how different things fall in the right place when we realize the bigger picture. Interested in doing anything that has to do with dark chocolate, kulfi, less-spicy food, impromptu travel, photography, watercolors, pencil sketches, dance, music, drama, films, languages, sciences, and mathematics.