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Mission Possible Paving the Road to Universal Health Coverage

Author Name: Swami Subramaniam and Aparajithan Srivathsan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Rising affluence is triggering an explosion in lifestyle diseases, driving spiraling growth in healthcare costs and loss of productivity. If this is not checked there is a serious danger of India not realising its economic goals. The provision of healthcare to all Indian citizens, regardless of ability to pay, is a must if we are to avoid this danger. This raises the question - is Universal Health Coverage (UHC) feasible for a large middle-income country like India?

The authors have deconstructed the healthcare system as it exists today – wasteful, expensive, and inefficient – to propose an alternative model that is both affordable and high-quality. The ideas presented here may look outrageous when viewed through the prism of what has been the norm, but the authors demonstrate the feasibility of the changes they propose by providing concrete examples of how the changes would work. UHC is within India’s means if the political will to implement radical change of the kind described in this book can be mustered. Health for all citizens is not an option but an imperative for a just and thriving republic.

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Swami Subramaniam and Aparajithan Srivathsan

Swami Subramaniam is a physician-scientist who spent most of his career in the biopharmaceutical industry. He co-founded Aurigene Discovery Technologies, headed business development for a Danish biotech, and spent several years in in R&D in Merck (MSD) and Abbott Nutrition. He currently heads - Ignite Life Science Foundation, a science philanthropy with the mission "Making Science Work for India". He is the author of two books Mastering Sleep, the science behind sleeping well and Healing Hands the biography of a plastic surgeon who set up the worlds largest hand injury service at a Government hsopital in Chennai. He can be reached at

Aparajithan Srivathsan has over 3 decades built world class solutions for India's healthcare needs with a ringside view of private healthcare. health insurance and health-tech. Srivathsan is a hospital strategist and health systems tinkerer. He believes in the ability of technology to democratize access to healthcare and the need for tech-enabled frontline community health workers to take healthcare into the community.He believes in the promise of India as a hub for global medicine and innovator of solutions that can be applied to healthcare globally. He can be reached at srivathsan