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Monetary Policy In Good Times And Bad Times

Author Name: Arnob Biswas | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Sometime I wonder for a common man what is the importance of global central bankers targeting a 2% inflation rate and the broader importance of their interest rate decisions beyond controlling money supply. 

Over my 14 years of work experience with good times and bad times, I've witnessed countless debates in financial markets about how central banks' monetary policy choices impact the real economy and the markets.

Finding a comprehensive source on the backstage of monetary policy decisions in Good Times and Bad Times, including processes, models, and think-tank opinions, has proven challenging. 

However, this book addresses that gap and encourages readers to connect the dots between monetary policy processes and financial market reactions.

Finally in this book readers may able to think beyond financial markets, creating opportunities that extend to other aspects of society. 

It is undoubtedly a must-read for financial markets participants and observers seeking insights into the financial markets.

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Arnob Biswas

Arnob Biswas, an experienced financial professional, currently holds the position of Assistant Vice President - FX Research at a prestigious financial institution in India.

With a remarkable career spanning 14 years, he has excelled in delivering currency trading and hedging solutions across diverse roles.

Respected financial news outlets like Bloomberg and Reuters frequently showcase Arnob's market insights. His expertise has earned him invitations to esteemed forums, including participating in an FX macro panel at FX-Markets Europe in London.