Indie Author Championship #6

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Moon Stone Art Lives On Forever, Sometimes So Does The Artist

Author Name: Pihu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Moon, the artist, to Ava, seems to have stolen the paintings of Ayesha - Ayesha, whom Ava believe to be her past self from her past life. Who is moon? For all Ava knew, the people who made Ayesha’s life complicated were those four boys and then she suddenly disappears? How? And how did Moon get a hold of her paintings and claim them to be his own and make millions out of them? She has to investigate…not for the thrill of it but for the sake of her mental health…and so she does. Was she successful or not? After all she’s just fifteen… let’s find out!

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Pihu is a twenty-two-year-old Indian author who is also a professional artist and a part-time music student. This, being her first book, brings about an amalgam of a lifetime of ideas put together in a magical mixture of about 23000 words. The book has inspirational roots from several fields that interests her including painting, K-pop artists and songs. Understanding linguistics and psychology plays a major role in her ability to put herself in the shoes of characters with such distinctive dimensions.

Pihu, who spent the last three years writing in one cafe to another, took inspiration from her surroundings and held different conversations with new people which inspired her to put new things into this book over the months and grow not only as a budding author but also as a useful person to society. She wishes everyone well and hopes that her first book brings joy to every reader’s life!