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Author Name: Aakash Sarkar | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The story cannot be revealed, but the protagonist Niharika will surely find a place in your fancy. It is in many ways about the obscure and colourful parts of Niharika’s life. Niharika who was just two years old, when she was orphaned in the oblivion of her infancy. Niharika, who along with her riches has a rich personal life. It is all Niharika’s very personal story, and the author Aakash Sarkar by his own confession has written her story, as he famously says, because I have looked and looked, and I didn’t find anything better to do.

Niharika walks through that house and collects that girl, who is still stuck in the middle of so many sorrow and so many grief. And they have all also lost each other, can’t even find each other. She collects them as she encounters them in her walks. And she nurses them. She sits with them, at that corner or in that room where nobody comes and nobody ever came, and they are all, the whole crowd of it is united by their journey, and Niharika tells them the numerous bounties they found in that journey, like the Chinese portrait, their mother’s diary, a full half house, hundreds of stories, a nose, a pair of lips, cheekbones, sexuality, some flamboyance, and then one of them, holds her hands and picks her up, and takes her in those journeys again, through the long corridors of Maheshwari Villa to the uppermost terrace in the house, where in no more than a month she will find herself sitting in the middle of a dilemma.

I don’t know how Godmother is typically defined, but I define it as the presence of a mother in her absence.

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Aakash Sarkar

The Author, Aakash Sarkar, hails from Ranchi, Jharkhand and lives with his mother, younger brother and his dog(bitch, really, but Moti doesn’t like to be called a bitch, nor Moti). Born in 1993. Muse is his second novel after 16 Year Old Baby (2014). Ex-Restauranteur, and now a full time author. Alumni of Sri Aurobindo College, Delhi University (2011-2015).