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My Experiments with Love

by Divyanshu Chandola

Format: Paperback

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Love, what do we know about love? When do we know if it’s love? Is there any mantra to find love or to make someone fall in love? We all may not ask all these questions to us every time, but whenever we do; it’s very hard to find answers. Love has a different definition for all. For some, it’s just a good feeling, for some, it’s something he/she wants in his/her life but doesn't even know why, for some, it’s nothing but just a waste of time. But whatever one thinks or believes, at any stage of life, maybe just once, we are touched with this feeling. The love we get from our parents, our brothers and sisters is something to which no love can be compared, but, falling in love to someone who is a friend, or an acquaintance or maybe a stranger is something very different from that.

This is the story of Vineet, his journey towards finding his true love,Anushka. From crushed crushes to doomed distances, he faced it all. But with friends by his side, he made sure that the journey consisting of all the goods and bads was eventually worth it. Because,not the destination but the journey is what matters the most.

Divyanshu Chandola is just another engineering student who spends most of his time listening to music,writing poems and articles lost in his thoughts and during exams, a bit of studying too. He aspires to become an entrepreneur and keep on writing poems and maybe more stories based mostly on life experiences. A gadget freak,he is highly active on social networking websites and can be found on Facebook easily by his full name. He also has a passion for cars.



My Experiments with Love





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