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My Koans Musings Of Life

Author Name: Aadya Yadav | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

My Koans,

My musings are yours.

Have you ever felt sad? Glad? Confused? Or any other emotion linked to this humane existence? Then this book is for you. If life still finds ways to amuse and surprise you in your struggles, this is an ode to you. And to me and to life in all its glory, full of confusion and beauty. This is to growing up, no matter what your age, learning and unlearning only to do it all over again. Here are your struggles in pretty words with a promise of a rainbow at the end of the rainy day or days.


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Aadya Yadav

Aadya Yadav is a young human but an old soul. Words are her truth, spilling when they can't be contained anymore. She feels deeply in life and appreciates the beauty of nature's art and human's art too, behavioral or deliberate. She wishes to preserve their essence and beauty in her personal art as words, poems, pictures all the same, full of life and nuance and grace.

Her highest aim is to make the spectator or reader feel; she can only ever hope to inspire.




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