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My Masters from the 4th Dimension A Rendezvous with Time

Author Name: Rejith Kumar. R | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

“My Masters from the 4th Dimension” is a heart-warming real-life journey of a self-proclaimed atheist awakened to a mystical world of spiritual masters and given a mission of uniting and leading ancient Kumari Kandam (Pleiadian) souls to fulfill their destiny of awakening and co-creating a new world of higher spiritual consciousness.

The era of Lord Muruga and the Siddhas - ‘Muruga Yugam’ has begun for a massive energy shift to occur on earth triggering the onset of Pleiadian or Karthika energy to flow abundantly on earth. Awakened souls living in different parts of the world are now finding themselves drawn to the Pleiadian mission of Lord Muruga. Sounds extraordinary, right? How did this all begin?

It begins with the story of a young man pursuing to be a cinematographer. Destiny, however, had other plans for him. His life changed unexpectedly with the sudden appearance of his spiritual guide Lord Muruga who leads him on a series of spiritual quests. It led to several mystical experiences in his otherwise day-to-day world. After almost two decades of spiritual travel, he looks back at the journey which transformed him into a global spiritual leader under the benevolent grace of Lord Muruga.

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Rejith Kumar. R

Shri Rejith Kumar. R is a spiritualist, gifted healer, and a widely traveled modern-day Yogi. He has been sharing a wealth of deep intuitive wisdom from his 18-year journey of mystical experiences with Lord Murugan and other spiritual masters in the form of revelations. These have immediate and significant relevance to the spiritual awakening of the world.

The Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom (LMRK) was founded by him in 2017 to create a global platform ( for service-minded people to unite together and perform duties under the divine direction of Lord Murugan to bring peace and prosperity to the world.




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