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Author Name: 'kailashi' Punit D. Sharma & Sheena Choudhary | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Mystics Of Love by Mr. ‘KAILASHI’ Punit D. Sharma and Miss Sheena Choudhary offer a wonderful insight into the world of love. Love, as an emotion has been always astonishing to the human soul. We are always lured by the notion of love. This particular compilation takes us on a remarkable journey. Our heart experiences countless aches of happiness, sorrow, excitement, and anger. In fact, the book is a roller coaster ride of emotions. As the title suggests, poems weave an intricate web of mystic love. Both the authors delve passionately into the realm of love. On one hand, Mr. Sharma indulges in intense fabricating of platonic love. His poems captivate our soul as it stirs our idea of love. On the other hand, Miss Sheena constructs an engaging feminine reflection of love. Her love passes through banal reality to celestial emotions.

These love poems touch strings of the soul. They proffer us an elixir of love. Mystics Of Love is a splendid collection of lucid and pungent poems devising a new universe of love for us. Readers are definitely going to enjoy this compilation. These love words will diffuse into their blood melting their soul profusely. I wish both authors the best of luck for a brilliant compilation.

Shivani Bhatia

AECC Guest Faculty 

Delhi School of Journalism 

The University of Delhi

New Delhi, India.

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'kailashi' Punit D. Sharma & Sheena Choudhary

Kailashi Punit D. Sharma

Kailashi Punit D. Sharma is associated with administrative statistics and planning by profession, he started writing after the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in 2015. His first poetic work, ‘Kavyanjali- Jeevan Ek moun abhivayakti’ ( life is a silent expression), has been published, in this book, he summarized the various aspects of the journey of life. The compositions are presented, some of these compositions which show divinity with the love of nature, have been compiled in this book.

Punit Sharma presents his poems in a satirical style and you will find a mixture of spirituality and philosophy in his poems. He is a nature lover and is the author of the bestseller book Essence Of Life 'Divide by Zero' A Scientific Approach to Sustainable Development and Hindi Poetry book “Kavyanjali- Jeevan Ek Moun Abhivayakti”

In this book, readers will get to read poems highlighting various aspects of love.

It has been the effort of the authors to introduce different definitions of love to different sections of the readers and to make them see the love prevailing in the whole of nature.


Sheena is a social worker by profession. This book is her maiden effort to bring some of her thoughts and pieces that she has jotted over the years. She aspires to work in the field of human rights broadly. She finds comfort in regular life and old Hindi songs. On a regular day, you can find her appreciating good lyrics, music, art, food, and smell. She makes good analogies and even better puns and likes to humblebrag about it. She hates small talk but is surprisingly good at it as part of adulting.



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