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Ningal Yesuvinte Sakshi


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The task of every believer is to testify our Lord Jesus Christ. These are the final words of Jesus Christ. It is the responsibility of the children to fulfill the final words of their parents. Therefore the final words of God should be fulfilled by his children. Our testimony is a weapon to defeat Satan by which the world can be gained for Jesus. This book discuss the topics like how do we testify Jesus? Where do we testify? The qualifications for testifying? and so on. Especially our life should be able to attract others as a magnet attracts iron. Finally my desire & prayer is that our life must be a 5th gospel for others to read.This book is a guide for all those who have or have not been a witness of Jesus Christ.

Girijakumari R.P, Daughter of Ramakrishnan and Padmakshi was born in a Village of Peechottukonam, Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. From a young age, she was led into the deeper vision of faith. The objective of her life has been to please God at any cost. After completing her nursing degree in 1990, she joined the Sree Chitra Tirunal Hospital, where she has been serving as a Chief Staff Nurse from 1991. She considers evangelism as her duty and has been successful in interceding for others in the spirit. Her former books have uplifted the faith of many people and led them to His grace & faithfulness. She lives with her husband Johnson and her children Abi G. John & Aber G. John.



Ningal Yesuvinte Sakshi





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