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Nitya Dhyāna

Author Name: Shantala Sriramaiah | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

“Nitya Dhyāna” gathers timeless Vedic mantras and sūktams to support practitioners of yoga, Ayurveda, and other Indian traditions. Our vision is to encourage a prayerful, mindful approach to life, helping seekers cultivate inner peace and wellness. Created by a dedicated team, its essence is deeply aligned with the sacred tradition of the Guru-Śiṣya Paramparā, epitomizing the one-to-one mentoring relationship that has sustained the spiritual lineage through the ages. The visual accompaniments in the book, crafted by the talented śilpa śāstra artist Drdha Vrata, were thoughtfully selected in collaboration with the artist and book designer, reflecting a harmonious convergence of artistic vision, design, and spiritual intent.

"Nitya Dhyāna" aspires to find a revered place in the hearts and homes of seekers, serving as a cherished companion in their spiritual journey—a beacon of inspiration, guidance, and connection with the eternal truths embedded within Vedic chanting.

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Shantala Sriramaiah

Shantala is a Veda recitation teacher from Bangalore and has been studying with her guru, Sri M.S. Sreenivasan of the Challakere Brothers, as one of his senior students. Drawing from her corporate learning and development background, Shantala creates structured courses accessible to students from all backgrounds. Committed to continuing her family tradition, she teaches a growing global community. She lives in a farmhouse in Belgium with her husband and two small children.



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