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One More Call

Author Name: Girish Patel | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Key points

Ideas are around us to work on. What is needed is the hunger to work and succeed.

The biggest strategy of this business is to keep meeting new people regularly.

Most people don’t grow because of the fear or hesitation of meeting new people. No book or training can help you overcome this fear. You need to overcome it on your own.

The use of technology can save time and energy.

Whether you get any business or not, you must keep trying, keep in touch and maintain relationships.

Maintain your work speed by analysing the finished work at regular intervals.

It is more effective if the data is correct and relevant.

You need to have patience; big businesses take more time.

Follow up is the key to success in this business.

Phone calls and emails are not alternatives to personal meetings. Face-to-face meetings are the best. All the others are only supportive methods.

The main reason behind the unprecedented success of the client meeting was the selection of an appropriate speaker. We did not compromise on that.

 Instead of measuring the result strictly in terms of money, it should also be measured by the accomplishment of the responsibility of spreading the awareness of life insurance at the right time amongst people.

Life insurance sells through relationships. Hence, knowing new people and building long-term relationships is real work.

Talk to people about them. Don't tell them about yourself until they ask you.

People get impressed by others who are richer than them, and they like to make and maintain relationships with them. Hence, dress impeccably and possess the best possible accessories.

People like you first and then your product.

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Girish Patel

Girish Patel, seasoned veteran, an innovator in the world of life insurance profession, and is instrumental in defining this space that is now defining many aspects of the growing agency channel as growth booster in the industry.

500+ cr. AUM With 98.9% consistency and 20,000+ clients across globe secured his position in top performers in the industry and well acknowledged in the book ‘The Indian Millionaire Next Door’ by Kanika Mishra.

He has turned things around with proactive approach when the industry was going through crisis as far as agency force is concerned across industry.

He has also invested his knowledge, skill & time in around 2000+ individuals directly and played active role in their success and continues to invest actively in the life of many.

He is another example of a self made professional who can persevere any challenge.

Rather than attempt to match the performance of other contemporary professionals in life insurance, he is forging into the future with his own new advance and innovative strategies to make agency force more productive and prosperous.

leading the courageous charge to shed traditional ways of doing business and to replace them with initiatives to make 161 more productive agency force with least cost. He has been deeply caring and committed through out his journey since 1990, starting as a banker for ten years to senior management position in life insurance industry.

Girish Patel has a unique ability to build genuine connections with people at all levels, motivating sales teams to achieve consistently higher levels of success while creating relationships of trust and confidence with clients.

Leverages a unique mix of visionary, strategic, technical, sales, operations and analytical expertise, consistently exceeding revenue and performance goals by aligning staff talents and effort with organisational objectives. An influential leader who creates immediate impact, produces results and fuels profits.